The education goes over one weekend a month over a year.

Unless otherwise stated, the time:

Friday 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Saturday 11:00 -17: 00

Sunday 11:00 -16: 00


For those who need accommodation, it will be possible to stay at the course location.

It will serve lunch Saturday and Sunday, otherwise breaks with tea / coffee and refreshments. (Indicate if any. Allergies.)


There is a price for those with throughout the year, and a slightly higher price for those who just want to be on some weekends. From £ 1200-1600 kr per. Weekend, depending on equipment needs.


More price info to SUN HIVE modular course come as soon as we see how expensive it is to produce the wooden inner skeleton, among others, as well as travel expenses for teachers from The Natural Beekeeping Trust in England. (Heidi Herrmanns). There is much to be in place to achieve this course. There is room for only max 15 participants. It’s first come first served principle applies. I arrange equipment, teachers and assistant to the merge, but the food it we may create a group? Should investigate whether we can stay on Fokhol.