Bee, smooth flying bird, king of the blossoms of the meadow!

Fly to where I order you, where I order and exhortÉ

Bring some honey on your wing, carry some honey in your mantel.


2.kurshelg 12.-14. juni 2015

Andre kurshelg I Beedynamic-utdanningen er viet studiet I bienes personlighet, inspirert av det finske Kalavala-eposet og formidlet av birøkter Jos fra Imkerij Ella I Sverige. Jos og Susanne er inspirert av Kalevala i sitt arbeid som økologiske birøktere, kursholdere og produsenter av produkter med honning og voks.


The second course weekend In the Beedynamic education, is devoted to the study of the bee-personality, inspired by the Finnish epic Kalavala and mediated by beekeeper Jos from Imkerij Ella In Sweden. Jos and Susanne are inspired by Kalevala in their work as organic beekeepers, training providers and manufacturers of products with honney and wax.


Die zweite Seminar- Wochenende In Beedynamic, widmet sich dem Studium von die Persönlichkeit der Bienen, inspiriert von der finnischen Epos Kalavala und von Imker Jos aus Imkerij Ella in Schweden vermittelt. Jos und Susanne sind in ihrer Arbeit als organische Imker, Bildungsanbieter und Hersteller von Produkten mit Honig und Wachs von Kalevala inspiriert.



Honey-bee, thou ether birdling,

Fly a third time on thy journey,

Fly away to high Jumala,

Fly thou to the seventh heaven,

Honey there thou’lt find abundant,

Balsam of the highest virtue,

Only used by the Creator…………

From the Finnish epic: KALEVALA


Hovedlærer/Main Teacher/Hauptlehrer:

The beekeeper

My name is Jos Schuylenburg (1954). For more then 20 years I have been working in the biological-dynamic agriculture. At first I worked as a gardener on a small farm and later on a 40 ha farm where we cultivated vegetables in a bigger scale. To have a good connection between consumer and producer we supplied weekly more then 800 families with a box full of organic grown vegatables. At last I set up together with others a 28 ha farm where disabled people could find a place to work on the land in their own rytme. In 2007 I emigrated to Sweden and almost the first thing I did was start again with my old hobby which I had in Holland the last 20 years: keeping bees. In 2009 I started a small initiative under the name “imkerij Ella” (apiculture Ella). Starting point of the initiative is to keep bees from the perspective/essence of the bees herself. Another important thing is the direct connection between consumer and producer. People can suppport the initiative “Ella” through donations or an abonnement. That gives me the opportunity to keep bees in an “organic” way. Through newsletters, lectures and courses about bees I try to make people enthousiastic to become beekeeper themselves. The people who support the initiative recieve every year honey and products made of honey and wax of the bees of Ella. I am connected with the BD beekeepers working group in Holland. My source of inspiration is R.Steiners spiritual science. If you are interested or have questions, please contact me.