Den ellevte kurshelgen, 8. – 10. mars 2016:

New ways of living with Bees

  • Å forstå “The Bien” – bieorganismen.
  • Om nye former for birøkt og pollinatorhager
  • Nye typer bikuber; Sun-Hive, Golden Hive og Log-hives.
  • Birøkt uten bruk av slør og røyk.
At one with the world


  • Understanding » The Bien» – the bee-organism
  • About new forms of beekeeping and pollinator gardens
  • New types of beehives; Sun Hive Golden Hive and Log- hives
  • Beekeeping without veils and smoke


  • Der Bien – Bienen-Organismus – verstehen
  • Über neue Formen der Bienenzucht und pollinatorgarten
  • Neue Arten von Bienenstöcke; Sun-Hive, Goldener Hive, und Log-Hive
  • Bienenzucht ohne Schleier und Rauch


Hovedlærer / Main teacher / Hauptlehrer:

Michael Thiele


Gaia Bees promotes alternative and bee-centered bee hive designs and offers installation and care for “landscape apiaries”.

Founder Michael Thiele is leading an innovative approach within the biodynamic apiculture movement and teaches in the United States and abroad. Through Gaia Bees, he offers consultations, seminars/workshops and set up of sustainable apiaries.

In 2007, Michael co-founded “The Melissa Garden” ( in California, which was one of the first Honey Bee Sanctuaries in the US (now a pollinator sanctuary). His work is documented in various national and international magazines, books and film documentaries (“Queen of the Sun”). For the most recent interview go to: Made Local Magazine. In 2013, he began working as a consultant for the USDA in the Domincan Republic. He lives with his family in CA, USA.


  • Changing paradigms of our relationship with Honey Bees.
  • Restoring the biosphere through linking to wild Apis Mellifera.
  • Defining the fundamentals of apiculture with the principles of the life forces of Apis Mellifera.
  • Bees are an inspiration for an (agro-) cultural, emotional, psychological and spiritual renewal.
  • The wisdom of the Honeybees presents an opportunity to step into a creative field of finding new ways of living.